Vision: Since our Vision is to raise people that will make a difference in their worlds by allowing God’s will through them i.e People that will impact their individual World through their individual life’s or ministry thereby establishing God’s sovereignty in that area (Gods Kingdom). The Strategy is based on the following understanding:

  • That Jesus when He was on the earth exercise dominion on earth as was given to Adam at the Creation but he lost it to Satan.
  • When Jesus died and resurrected, He took back the dominion and gave it to the Church.
  • Jesus gave the commission to go and make Disciples of nations who will grow and enforce the dominion on earth again through their ways of living.
  • Jesus exercised the dominion by doing only what is God’s will or His Father’s will(the gospel of the Kingdom). (John 8:26-31 and John 5: 17-19, 20-30)
  • Therefore the disciples are those will also do the will of God on earth.(Mathew 6;10)
  • In IGM we believe every through Born Again has a higher call. (Philippians 3;10-18)
  • IGM is part of the gift of Jesus to the Church to prepare and equip the believers to fulfil their individual Ministry. (Ephesians 4: 8-13)
  • Therefore every believer is a minister or a pastor to the unsafe people in and around their worlds of business, family, profession, neighbourhood, and schools etc.
  • Every believer in IGM is a minister and therefore a servant of Jesus committed to living and teaching the gospel of the kingdom. (John 13:12-17)
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